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Coir Pots & Weed Mats

  • Product Description

The product is a needled, lightly rubberized coir pad, cut into a circle, with a hole in the centre. It is 100 % natural product, composed of natural coir fibre and natural rubber latex.
Its main function is to suppress weed growth. It can be used on the ground (for plants) or on top of grow pots. The stem of the plant/tree grows through the centre hole as depicted in the picture, the surrounding area is covered with the circular mat, weed growth is suppressed and the plant has no competition from weeds for nutrients. Moreover it reduces water loss by evaporation from the soil or growing medium thereby reducing the need for frequent watering. It is a cost effective and superior substitute to mulch bags.
The weed mats can be supplied in any diameter, the most popular ones are: 30 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm, 76 cm.

  • Product Specifications

Packed in hanks, spools or bales with runnage as per buyers’ requirement.

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